Forward-Looking Risk AnalyticsTM for Banks

Invictus Consulting Group® has pioneered methodologies that have changed how banks approach strategic and capital planning, stress testing, asset loan management, and mergers and acquisitions. We deliver our groundbreaking bank analytics and strategic advisory services to the approximately 6,000 community banks in the United States, as well as D&O insurers and regulators.

We consider the impact of regulatory capital requirements in every analysis. Our patent-pending Forward-Looking Risk AnalyticsTM (FLRATM) allow banks to tell regulators and investors how capital will fare in strategic plans – whether it’s organic growth, a merger or acquisition, or even a dividend payout. Our groundbreaking analytics facilitate individual and relative analysis of bank capital adequacy, pro forma performance, and calculations of a bank’s FreeCapital™.

Our unique stress testing processes:

  • Define how much capital a bank really needs;

  • Give banks talking points to defend capital levels and strategic plans;

  • Help assess the true value of an acquisition;

  • Compare a bank's loan profile, run-off and post-stress results to peers, state or region.

Recent Publications:

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