Data-Driven. Forward-Looking. Actionable.

Invictus is the industry thought-leader in bank analytics. Our groundbreaking tools and new analytical processes have changed how bank executives approach strategic and capital planning, stress testing and mergers and acquisitions. Our analysis gives banks, investors and insurers the edge in executing their plans and developing their businesses.

We help community and regional banks by:

  • Testing every permutation of a bank's strategic plan to see its impact on the balance sheet, regulatory capital and future growth;
  • Testing every bank in the country using public data, for peer comparisons, regulatory analysis and insurance underwriters;
  • Defining how much regulatory capital is really needed for each bank;
  • Targeting acquisition candidates by any category – peer group, region, returns, regulatory capital, balance sheet makeup;
  • Pinpointing the ceiling price a bank should pay for an acquisition;
  • Assisting in obtaining regulatory approval for capital levels and future plans.

Recent Publications:

Bank Insights -- our newsletter with articles on strategic capital planning, stress testing and sector news.

Bank Insights Regulatory Outlook 2016

Leaders and Bleeders -- our regular analysis of bank positioning within states for who should be the predator and who the prey.