Bank stress testing, analytics, strategic planning

The global banking industry is under unprecedented strain, and since the 2008 financial crisis is in uncharted territory. Banks everywhere require hefty capital injections. Capital used to be cheap and readily available -- now it is expensive or not available at all. Earnings by banks are likely to remain under pressure over the next few years. Many banks need to consolidate to survive. Traditional tools for analysing bank performance and future capital simply do not work. Invictus offers something different.

The Invictus Group® delivers the most accurate, insightful and accessible bank analytics, stress tests and consultancy services to the financial services sector. For 6500+ FDIC-insured banks we produce forward-looking analytics that facilitate individual and relative analysis of bank capital adequacy, pro forma performance, and calculations of Free Capital. These analytics are of primary importance for any bank's strategic plans -- for M&A, for organic expansion, or simply for "telling the story" of the bank to regulators and investors.

Invictus Group is the only stress testing provider with more than five years of hands-on experience with U.S. banks and bank regulators. Our bank clients have a 100 percent success rate when using our reports to defend their strategic plans and capital levels to regulators.

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