Data-Driven. Forward-Looking. Actionable.

Invictus is the industry thought-leader in bank analytics and strategic consulting. Our groundbreaking tools and new Forward-Looking Risk Analytics (FLRA®) have changed how bank executives approach strategic and capital planning, stress testing and mergers and acquisitions. Our analysis gives banks, investors and insurers the edge -- even an unfair advantage -- in executing their plans and developing their businesses.

Gain an unfair advantage in your next M&A deal.

Invictus Consulting Group’s M&A analytics help community and regional banks by:

  • Revealing both hidden value and risk submerged within acquisition targets;
  • Exploiting distortions between market values of targets and their value to your institution
  • Avoiding reliance on auctions and proactively creating transactions;
  • Testing every permutation of a bank’s strategic plan to see its impact on the balance sheet, regulatory capital and future growth;
  • Defining how much regulatory capital is really needed for each bank;
  • Targeting acquisition candidates by any category – peer group, region, returns, regulatory capital, balance sheet makeup;
  • Pinpointing the ceiling price a bank should pay for an acquisition.