We are strategic advisors, not investment bankers. We’re by your side for the long-term, not just to close a deal.

Invictus customizes the M&A process for your bank. We:

  • Quantify at what point M&A makes sense
  • Help find and screen appropriate targets
  • Develop the target list based on geography, peer group, balance sheet makeup, returns, etc.
  • Guide the reach-out and negotiation strategy
  • Analyze the combined impact of a transaction on the balance sheet, regulatory capital and future growth
  • Perform capital stress tests to make sure a target is both a strategic and financial fit
  • Pinpoint the ceiling price you should pay
  • Help integrate the new purchase into your bank’s strategic plans

A Sample of Invictus M&A Intelligence

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We don’t rely on auctions. We proactively find banks that make good acquisition targets.

Read more about the Invictus approach in this white paper.

We do M&A differently because we have proprietary analytics.

  • We reveal hidden value and risk within acquisition targets.
  • If a deal doesn’t make sense for your bank, we tell you when to walk away.  
  • We sort every bank in the country to define the M&A landscape.

Our M&A team includes strategists, analysts, investigators and former bank CEOs. The team is led by Invictus Chairman Kamal Mustafa, former head of global M&A at Citibank, Invictus president Adam Mustafa, and M&A Director Andrew O'Keefe. Everything we do is backed by an exclusive database and differentiated analytics, powered by BankGenome. Our goal is to maximize shareholder value. We consider the impact of an M&A transaction on every aspect of your bank’s strategic plans.