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Invictus SI shows banks a new way of strategic thinking that enhances profitability and reduces risk

Detailed loan reports by industry, giving unique actionable intelligence

Proprietary bank metrics to help maximize franchise value

Unique M&A toolkit

Continuously updated bank footprint

Invictus SI offers banks a revolutionary approach to strategic planning and M&A that fosters board involvement.

Our data-driven system increases a bank’s ability to control risk and credit, while boosting profitability and identifying unique growth opportunities.

  • Focuses on industry segments within the bank’s footprint, which increases your forecasting ability and gives competitive insights into loan pricing. Using a loan-level analysis of the bank’s historical performance within each industry segment and incorporating national and regional industry growth scenarios, your bank gets a blueprint of how, when, and where to grow.
  • Dramatically changes the role of directors and their interaction with management due to the shift in focus from loan categories to industry segments with their loan category segmentation.
  • Redefines the value and function of stress testing and capital adequacy analysis. Traditional stress testing has evolved into a regulatory exercise with credit risk empirically based on historical experience. While this conforms to regulatory requirements, it does not address the increasing pro forma real-world risk as certain industries face contraction due to pandemic shifts and Fed actions.
  • Allows the realistic evaluation of M&A transactions. We not only identify target banks within your footprint and beyond, but we also help you find and close the deal that makes the most strategic sense.

 Invictus SI gives you a competitive advantage the minute you begin using it.


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