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BankGenome™ Data As A Service (DAAS) provides financial institutions with access to Invictus's proprietary loan-level database, enabling them to develop customized models and derive valuable business insights. Clients can leverage the same comprehensive data that powers our own advanced models to innovate and achieve their unique objectives.


Unlock Exclusive Insights with BankGenome™

Our one-of-a-kind data sharing service empowers community and regional banks with access to the exclusive BankGenome™ dataset. This proprietary resource aggregates unique information from participating institutions, offering insights you won't find anywhere else. Enhance your ability to make informed, effective lending decisions with data available only through BankGenome™. Join a network of forward-thinking lenders and unlock the full potential of your data to drive success in today's competitive landscape.


Loan Level Default Probabilities


Loan Level Loss Magnitudes


Yields by Industry Classification


Much More!

BankGenome™ and Public Data

The structured nature of public data in the financial industry offers a significant advantage for data analysis. BankGenome™ DAAS enhances this by integrating our proprietary dataset with publicly available call report information, delivering a comprehensive service for financial analysis and modeling.

Discover the extensive range of data items available in our dataset. We offer structured queries for common inquiries, as well as expanded access for institutions interested in building and training their own models.


Other Models

We utilize BankGenome™ to drive all of our analytics. Explore how we assess bank capital using historical default-level data!

Our Expertise

Invictus has over 50 years of combined expertise in the area of capital stress testing - let us put that experience to work for you:


Adam Mustafa
President & CEO


Guy LeBlanc
President, BankGenome Analytics

Frequently asked questions

Call report information has aggregated information on losses and yields by loan category - all of which is incredibly useful! However, BankGenome™ contains default and loss level information on an even more granular basis - including regionally and at an industry level. In general, all of the information is much more granular and easier to customize.