The Invictus Partner Program ensures that you will get unlimited consulting support for any of your capital stress testing questions. With the Invictus Capital Stress Testing service, our analysts are your analysts.

Capital Planning

Every institution should engage in effective capital planning. Invictus's capital planning service focuses on meaningful limits and thresholds for your institution's capital plan. Eliminate unnecessary complication and get to the point.



Capital planning should never be done in a vacuum. We will work with you to integrate the results of your Capital Stress Tests into your capital plan.



If your capital plan is overly complex - you're not going to use it. We'll focus on reducing the size and scope of the capital plan to the things that really matter.



Capital plans often lack "teeth." While you don't want your capital plan to overly limit your institution's potential, it should still retain enough punch to operate as an effective risk management tool.


Let us do the heavy lifting...

Writing capital plans can be a chore. We've constructed and written hundreds of capital plans for a wide variety of institutions. Let us put that expertise to work for you.

Flat Fees. Unlimited Advisory.

Capital planning takes work. We're not in the business of squeezing every last penny from our clients. Instead, we want to create a capital plan that works for you - as long as that takes. You will never pay more than what's quoted for your capital plan.

We do our best to provide competitive pricing based on your institution's size and complexity. For a pricing inquiry - click the link below.

Our Expertise

We've written countless capital plans for our clients for institutions of all shapes and sizes. Let us guide you through the most effective capital planning process.


Adam Mustafa
President & CEO


Guy LeBlanc
President, BankGenome Analytics

Frequently asked questions

One thing you cannot do is outsource risk. That means that any models or recommendations that you use have to be thoroughly understood - even if you didn't invent them. Capital Planning works the same way. You can outsource the heavy lifting, but you have to own the output!

You can use stress testing as the backbone of your capital plan. It can help you customize your capital limits and triggers and concentration levels. However, capital stress testing and capital planning are not the same thing. 

This really depends on the size and complexity of your institutions. Those institutions with higher concentrations, and more complex operations and products should examine capital plans more frequently (twice per year) while others can simply stick to once per year.

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