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UPscaleLogo-InvictusInvictus's upSCALE is an efficient CECL implementation solution designed for banks under $1 billion in total assets. With streamlined processes and public data validation, upSCALE ensures compliance with ASU-2016-13. Access your prior calculations anytime and enjoy full data download capabilities for ultimate convenience. Simplify your CECL journey with upSCALE.



While introduced by the Federal Reserve to assist smaller community banks, Fed SCALE ironically falls short when it comes to scalability. 


Enter upSCALE – the solution that addresses the frustrations of spreadsheet-based CECL methods.



Keep Track

Keep track of all your CECL calculations with ease – access prior versions effortlessly in one centralized location.


Simplify peer selection and evaluate their appropriateness seamlessly with upSCALE's intuitive interface.

Filter Banks

Swiftly filter banks based on proximity, similarity, size, and more, with upSCALE's intuitive and efficient tools.

Start your trial period

Just give us some information about you and your bank and we'll reach out to get you started on a trial basis as no cost. 

Close to $1 billion?

For institutions nearing or exceeding the $1 billion threshold, upSCALE may no longer be applicable. But fret not! You can still access Invictus's top-tier service through our comprehensive full-service CECL solution.

Our pricing is simple.

SCALE was designed to offer smaller community banks a simple and affordable route to CECL implementation. The good news? upSCALE follows suit with competitive pricing tailored to this very purpose!

Our Expertise

Invictus has over 50 years of combined expertise helping community banks - let us put that experience to work for you:


Adam Mustafa
President & CEO


Guy LeBlanc
President, BankGenome Analytics

Frequently asked questions

While WARM offers a higher level of customization, SCALE stands out for its simplicity and cost-effectiveness, making it the preferred choice for smaller institutions seeking an efficient path forward.

No, Invictus's upSCALE adheres precisely to the methodology outlined in the Federal Reserve's "Scaled CECL Allowance for Losses Estimator" (SCALE). However, upSCALE offers additional conveniences that traditional spreadsheet approaches lack.

SCALE essentially leverages the work of larger banks to simplify CECL compliance. By selecting peer institutions and utilizing their ACL rates from public data, you can ensure your reserve meets CECL standards. This is because peer bank CECL reserves are required to be compliant, providing confidence in your own compliance.

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