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Concentration Management - InFocus™

InFocus is designed to link loan concentration management with other risk management practices - in particular capital planning, loan level stress testing, and capital stress testing.

 Why InFocus?

Loan concentration policies are often a source  of pain for bank management. They serve as the 'bumpers' against aggressive growth - and that can make them unpopular. InFocus will allow you to link your concentration policies with your underwriting and capital profiles. It is completely customized to your institution


Get a Free Concentration Risk Assessment! See how your concentrations compare to your peer group, how you rank nationally, and what the likelihood of enhanced regulatory scrutiny might be.



300% - Rule of Thumb

The most commonly cited concentration 'threshold' is the 300% CRE Concentration level. This level is often used as a standard threshold for 'too much risk.' But this arbitrary level does not consider your institution's capital profile or underwriting


InFocus - Customized Concentration

With InFocus, we can use the loan level and capital stress testing to customize your maximum concentration level. We ask the question: at what level of concentration does your institutions fail to survive in a severely distressed environment. The answer to this question is your maximum concentration level.

Test Any Time

You can access your concentration management system any time. 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Test new concentration policies as you modify your strategy, or update your capital plan.

Check out who we've helped

InFocus has been used by institutions with concentration levels far above the 300% level to help manage concentration risk and defend their existing concentration levels.


Our Expertise

Invictus has over 50 years of combined expertise in the area of capital stress testing - let us put that experience to work for you:


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Frequently asked questions

InFocus was built with this guidance in mind - but also incorporates the most up-to-date thinking on the topic of concentrations.

Banks with rapid growth are often closely monitored. You should build a concentration risk management framework ASAP to address and question - both internal and external.

Yes - and many institutions do. However, risk management should be a forward-looking exercise. When it comes to concentrations, institutions forget that they should be modeling the future growth of their portfolio as well as evaluating their current position.

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