The Invictus Partner Program ensures that you will get unlimited consulting support for any of your capital stress testing questions. With the Invictus Capital Stress Testing service, our analysts are your analysts.

Capital Stress Testing

Capital Stress Testing provides a data-focused platform for understanding your institution's capital needs. 


Designed for institutions of all sizes.

Whether you’re in search of a capital stress testing system that satisfies regulators or wish to proactively hold your institution to the highest standard of capital adequacy – Invictus can help.




The Invictus Capital Stress Testing service focuses on what matters. Meeting regulatory standards is an excellent starting point, but using the stress testing for risk management and risk mitigation is the goal. We deploy the capital stress testing in a multitude of ways for our clients – from customizing that capital requirements in their capital plan, to evaluating the capital utilization in their strategic plans.

Regulatory Compliance

With over a decade of demonstrably effective work, Invictus's Capital Stress Testing service is perfectly positioned to meet regulatory expectations.

Customized Capital Ratios

Every institution is unique. Using "rule of thumb" capital rules fails to reflect the true risk characteristics of your business model. Customizing your capital requirements can unlock potential growth or anticipate hidden risks.

Enhanced Financial Resilience

The best loans are made in the worst times. Capital Stress Testing can show you when to press the brakes, and when to engage your growth.

Unlimited Advisory and Support

Invictus's Capital Stress Test is a service-based solution powered by technology. You can count on unlimited consulting support with no additional fees. Ever.

More than just Stress Testing

With the capital stack, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


Flexible Pricing

The Invictus Capital Stress Testing service has a flexible pricing structure based on your specific needs. Run multiple scenarios evaluating a multitude of risks, or keep it simple and focused on a single test. Regardless of your chosen engagement, you can rely on the unlimited advisory services through the Invictus Partner Program.


Price Est.

Capital Stress Testing -

Static Balance Sheet

1 Scenario Pricing

Capital Stress Testing -

Growth Plan Test

2 Scenario Pricing

Capital Stress Testing -

Stagflation Test

3 Scenario Pricing

Depending on your institution's size and complexity, you may need fewer scenarios. Customize your deployment scope to ensure a budget-sensitive pricing.

Our Expertise

Invictus has over 50 years of combined expertise in the area of capital stress testing - let us put that experience to work for you:


Adam Mustafa
President & CEO


Guy LeBlanc
President, BankGenome Analytics

Frequently asked questions

No - not necessarily. However, the CBLR can have the unintended consequence of separating your capital requirements from your risk profile

The regulators will often presume that your bank is the 'lowest common denominator' institution and ask you to apply the loss rates from "banks in the 75th percentile." Performing your own analysis gives you the ammunition you need to combat these ideas.

Absolutely! One of the major points of the Capital Stack is that everything is integrated - from top to bottom. Your capital requirements should be based on your loans first and foremost.

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