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10 Jun

The regulatory pressure on community banks to show they understand how climate change will affect their banks is only going to increase in the years ahead. Although regulators are focusing...

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15 Oct

Concentration management is becoming a dynamic and data-driven process in the post-pandemic world. Community banks that have always managed their concentrations by simply throwing darts at a board will find...

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25 Sep

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation on Sept. 17 finalized the Community Bank Leverage Ratio (“CBLR”). Community banks with less than $10 billion in assets can opt into the new capital...

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16 Mar

Executive Summary It is no secret that the majority of community banks are struggling with growing and retaining deposits. We have previously explored why M&A might be the best solution to...

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05 Sep

The Strategic Case for M&A The post-recession environment, coupled with a radically different monetary policy, has had both an obvious and hidden impact on community bank operating and financial performance. Banks...

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01 May

CECL Trends Five years from now, every bank will have undergone at least one full year under the current expected credit loss (CECL) standard, and most public banks will have three...

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20 Nov

The Strategic Case for M&A By Kamal Mustafa and Andrew O’Keefe, Invictus Consulting Group Unsettling trends that may not be obvious now – but are vivid when quantified with the right analytics...

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01 Feb

Executive Summary Bank regulations have changed since the financial crisis of 2008, and so have risk management best practices. While regulators have not mandated that community banks change their analytical approaches...

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15 Jan

Executive Summary Wall Street analysts and investors reacted negatively to the announcement of KeyCorp’s planned acquisition of First Niagara Financial Group. But Wall Street was wrong. Analysts are stuck in a...

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05 Jan

Many factors drive banks toward acquisitions, including increasing efficiency due to size, loan/deposit growth opportunities, or expansion of geographical footprints. However, one consideration is always dominant — improving return on...

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